New checkweighers HSC350 by NEMESIS website is online

New checkweighers HSC350 by NEMESIS website is online
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Multi-channel Sorter

 Angolatore HSC350

Each products of series HSC350 can be completed with multichannel-sorter.

Above, you can find some videos with the multichannel-sorter in action.

With the integration of multichannel-sorter is possible to re-insert in the control line the discarded products, sorting between products in weight-excess and weight-defect. They now can be corrected, manually or automatically, and then re-sended to the control-weigh unit.

  • Save
    on the product packed by making sure that no more than the right amount is batched, thus achieving an immediate profit
  • Respect
    the current laws governing pre-packed products and guarantee that your customers receive the right amount
     Multi-channel sorter HSC350
  • Innovate
    your production management tools and make the product traceable
  • Invest
    in the quality of your production process to obtain the best opportunities for yout company
  • Simplify
    the monitoring operations by opting for automated weighing instead of the old manual inspection method

For the full brouchure or more information about this new checkweigher line, contact us.