New checkweighers HSC350 by NEMESIS website is online

New checkweighers HSC350 by NEMESIS website is online
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Automatic price-labeler

Labeler HSC350

The model HSC350K-A is a line of price-labeler with automatic application of the label on single product. The unit allows a standalone use, without necessity of other equipment, but it can be easy integrated in another line of production.

Large range

The possibile preparations are numerous and comprise version from one to four tapes conveyor allowing the use as weigh-price labeler and as standard checkweigher. A local database allows the management of all paramter, like label layout or label position.

Automatic labeler HSC350
High print speed

Until 180 labels for minute with printer of 4 inches and 300 mm/s, possibility of integration of two more printers with print-width between 2 and 4 inches. Air blast with optional cylinder pre-stroke or rotating applicator.

The 8" touch screen is employable on the full range HSC350 and it's equipped of wireless or bluetooth connection and keyboard with infrared external trackball. It allows the use of more windows applications allowing an easy interation of different print engine and the client access to company database.

The print engines have an integrated keyboard/display group and they are equipped of own resources for an easy integration, allowing - for example - the management of label.

Automatic labeler HSC350
Labeling without contact

A modern technique of labeling with air jet allows: Efficiency, absence of contact, soft application of the label in a large surface. Not least, the absolutely precise positioning of the labels defined from the operator by the control system HSC350.

The display and the control system have a great facility of use respecting however the current regulations. Thanks to a compact planning, automatic labeler HSC350 occupy the minimal space, allowing that its numerous benefits are applicable also in small places.

Compact design

Thanks to a modular planning, is possible to turn the single “labelling body" on a hinge, guaranteeing an optimal positioning in every production line and assuring the perfect positioning of the label also on products of large dimensions.

Automatic label HSC350

The automatic labeler HSC350 is planned to be versatile, it can in fact be used or in modality stand-alone with personal support or integrated in a completely automatic production line. For integration on line of production are available a series of integration accessories, like separation belts, compensators of height and tapes guide.


The automatic labeler HSC350 can weigh and label products of different dimension always in correct position. It's moreover possible to fix a relation weight-price for every type of product controlled online. The tape conveyor separated from the strap allows the transport also of round products, like the sausages or the tomatoes.

Optionals and pheriperals

In automatic weight-labeler HSC350 can be added, depending from the requirements of production, numerous accessories, that make the product very versatile and of easy integration.

Vision system

Sistema di visione HSC350

It's available a new peripherals for the HSC350 checkweigher serie: the new Vision System allows to make dimensional measures, check eventual print errors in the label...

Marking system

Marcatore HSC350

t's now available the new Marking System, it's able to print information on the product during the march on the conveyor belt: from 1 to 4 rows can be print...

Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt HSC350

The connection tape comes used in order to supply a connection between more operating machines. The peripheral can operate with an external command or with a direct button sited on the tape.


lateral mechanized translator HSC350

The diverters are installed in order to remove from the production line the product that turns out not consistent for weight or contamination from metal; between the models usable on the HSC350 series can be distinguished: ...

Automatic and semi-automatic labeler

 Etichettatrice HSC350

The automatic labeler HSC350K-A is a weigh-price line with automatic application of the label on single products. The unit allows the standalone use, without no other equipment needed. It can be simply integrated in every production line.

Combined checkweigher metal detector

Cercametalli metal detector HSC350

The Metal-detector - multifrequency or monofrequency - can be integrated on each production line reassuming in a small spaces a very complete machine...

Touch screen

Touch screen HSC350

Between the options are present two touch screen, one of 5 inches monochromatic and another one of 8 inches with VGA.

Statistic package

Statistic package HSC350

Each product of series HSC350 can be completed with statistic pack Stat350.

With the integration of software Stat350 comes faced the management of the group and advanced statistics.

Multi-channel Sorter

multichannel-sorter HSC350

Each products of series HSC350 can be completed with multichannel-sorter.

With the integration of multichannel-sorter is possible to re-insert in the control line the discarded products...


Ejector HSC350

The ejectors are installed in order to remove from the production...

Standard checkweigher

Cercametalli metal detector HSC350

In your line, with the insertion of HSC350 Standard Checkweigher will be added a control on the product, which assure that, if it is in excess or defect weight conditions, it will be discarded for future use.