New checkweighers HSC350 by NEMESIS website is online

New checkweighers HSC350 by NEMESIS website is online
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Food sector

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HSC350 has realized a line of control systems dedicated to the food sector.

Agro-industrial field HSC350
Fresh and frozen food

These models, thanks to their constructive characteristics, are usable in all the systems for the production of juices, milk, conserves, feed and products with different containers: plastic, glass and cardboards.

Guaranteed hygiene

HSC350 is usable in the alimentary workings also thanks to its realization through stainless and easy-washable materials; it is planned moreover in order to work optimally also in presence of humid or wet products, with high temperatures or in presence of acids or aggressive liquids.

HSC350 in the food sector...

Standard checkweigher HSC350W

The standard checkweigher HSC350 offers numerous preparations and characteristics that make it usable in various fields of application; every version guarantees however optimal performances and high reliability.

Etichettatrice automatica e semiautomatica HSC350K

The automatic price-labeler HSC350 is a range of weigh-pricelabeler with automatic application of the label on single confection, or with automatic feeding or with manual one, able to print until 180 labels for minute.

Metal detector HSC350M

The metal-detector, multi-frequency or mono-frequency, can be added in every weighing line HSC350 reassuming in the minimal space a lots of functions.

Settore alimentare HSC350
Customize your HSC350

NEMESIS can realize upon request customized products for online checkweighing and price-labeling, conformed with OIML R-51 unitl 10.000 Kg.