Trieuses pondérales HSC350 Nouvelle par le site NEMESIS est en ligne

Trieuses pondérales HSC350 Nouvelle par le site NEMESIS est en ligne
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Nouveau systeme d'etiquetage

18 February 2011

Nemesis, in continuous evolution with its series of models for the dynamics weighing and price-labelling, introduces the new labeling systems.

Bottom labeling

Thanks to the new HSC350 bottom labeling system is possible to put the label on the lower part of the packages, really accurate and with high speed, up to 100 packages/minute and more. This particular labeling system can be combined with a standard top-labeling system in order to obtain a double labeling, on the bottom and on the top of the packages.

"C" labeling

The new weigh-price labeler serie "KC" is able to put the label on the front edge of the packages. The first part of the label will be on the top, the second part will be on the bottom and the last one on the front edge. Thanks to its modular construction and to the regulation system, it's possible to label with only one machine packages with different dimensions, shapes and weights.

Twin labeling

With a touch-screen interface, simple but sophisticated, the "KD" labeling system is able to label the punnets inside the boxes or cassettes, on two rows simultaneously. Two different labeller heads, 2 or 4 inches, controlled and synchronized by the control unit will label two rows of punnets with variable quantity.

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